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Tlön Setup: How to access Tlön from your computer

To access Tlön, you’ll need to download a viewer with the ability to access various grids. Try Hippo or Meerkat.

Once you’ve downloaded a viewer, open it up and look for the grid manager.

Grid Manager -- Meerkat









From the grid manager, select Add. Your screen will display a window like the one to the left, with empty fields for grid information.

  • Name: Enter the grid name here. Tln works best for Tlön, but you can use whatever name you want. This won’t affect your login.
  • First Name & Last Name: This is the name of your avatar, which you register here.
  • Password: The password you created for your account.
  • Start Location: Choose from your Home, your Last Location, or type a Region Name from the list on your screen.
  • Login URI: http://www.xn--tln-tna.com:8002/
  • For the optional fields, you may add http://www.tlön.net/loginscreen.php as the Login Page and http://www.tlön.com/ as the Website.

Once you have these fields complete, make sure you click Apply. You should now be able to log in to Tlön. Hope to see you in-world! 🙂


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  1. Please also note that the newest version of Emerald has the Grid Manager implemented!

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